See What They're Saying About the E-Serial!

The NJ Center for the Book is delighted to report that its first online e-serial book, The Jersey Trackers and the Imagination Tree Mystery, a mystery story for New Jersey readers of all ages, has been a huge success. The book has been a hit with teachers and student alike.  Here’s what they said……

“What I liked most about the Jersey Trackers is that I’m learning so many new things that I never knew before about my own home.” – Hannah

  “I love the Jersey Trackers because it shows me and tells me a lot about New Jersey! It’s so cool that the kids go to places I’ve been before!” – Caroline

  “I love the Jersey Trackers series! It helps with our out-loud reading skills and I just can’t wait until next Thursday to read the next story! Thank you!” – Gianna

  “What I like most about Jersey Trackers is that it’s a fun and exciting story, and that it takes place in many different places that show how important New Jersey is.  Also it’s really funny how they base the story on a New Jersey legend called the Jersey Devil.” – Grace

 “The Jersey Trackers teaches you a lot about history. Every chapter is a new adventure. I really hope you make more Jersey Trackers.” – Jack

Consisting of eight chapters written by well-known New Jersey authors – Pat Brisson, Wil Mara, Wendy Mass, Jim Murphy, Trinka Hakes Noble, Margie Palatini, Pamela Swallow, and Joshua Tiprigan and illustrated by well-known New Jersey illustrators – Robert Blake, Leeza Hernandez, Gerald Kelley, Trinka Hakes Noble, Margie Palatini, Scott Rawlins, Karen Romagna, and Lena Shiffman, it’s a fun book focusing on the treasures of our state.

Start the journey here.

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Statewide Literary Celebration 350th Anniversary

The family morning session programs and activities offered a variety of activities for children. “The Mythmakers,” Richard Stillmand and Gerald Fierst, performed a fun-filled journey of stories and songs that captured the highlights of New Jersey’s history.
The New Jersey Center for the Book and The Newark Public Library presented a program in celebration of New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary on Saturday, January 18, 2014 from 11am to 4pm at The Newark Public Library.