It’s that time again. AND some big changes.


Still the same wonderful national contest – write to an author, share your feelings and tell the author how the author’s work has affected you.
Still the same great state celebration in late Spring.
Still the same super effort by New Jersey students and teachers that produces such marvelous letters.
Still the same three levels.
Still the same deadline in December.
NJ State Deadline: December 14, 2018
• Enter Online: Link to the online submission form will be available by Nov. 1, 2018


1. All entries are submitted electronically. The submission form will be available online at http://www.read.gov/letters beginning on November 1, 2018. No letters will be accepted by mail.
2. If a student is under 13, an online permission form has to be signed by a parent or guardian, scanned or photographed, and uploaded. VERY IMPORTANT
3. Minimum and maximum word limits are emphasized.
4. The letter MUST include a date, greeting, closing, and signature (or name). Do NOT include return address, though.

The read.gov/letters website has videos that are informative, along with all the necessary forms:
1. Call for student entries: http://www.read.gov/documents/LAL_2018-19_CallForEntries.pdf
2. The official rules: http://www.read.gov/documents/LAL_2018-19_OfficialRules.pdf
3. Permission form for students under the age of 13:http://www.read.gov/documents/LAL_2018-19_PermissionFormUnder13.pdf

Letters About Literature