The Ninth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

Styles of Collecting, Styles of The Book,

The Ninth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium: Syles of Collecting, Styles of the Book, will be held at the John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers-Newark, in Newark, NJ, on November 7, 2003. Styles will begin by looking at the underlying principles in the practice of building artists’ book collections. A panel of private and institutional collectors will explore different collecting approaches, focusing on the issues of inclusiveness, institutional mission, access policies, the distinctions between collecting policies and curatorial acquisitions, and the delicate art of selection making.

Four book artists, who teach, study, work and live in New Jersey, will discuss aspects of their work, which embraces papermaking, printmaking, storytelling, and making artists’ books.
Milan HUGHSTON Director of the Library of the Museum of Modern Art
Sandra KROUPA Curator of Artists’ Books, Special Collections, University of Washington
Marvin SACKNER Collector, co-founder of the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archives of Concrete and Visual Poetry
Marshall WEBER
Artist and a Director of the collective Booklyn
Constance WOO Dean of the Library and Curator of Artists’ Books, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus

Robbin Ami Silverberg
Mary Olive Stone
Liz Mitchell
Gordon N. Murray
The annual Book Artists Jam will follow the artist presentations, at which all attendees are invited to show work or work-in- progress, share ideas, or learn more about New Jersey book arts. All are invited to attend the opening to the group exhibition accompanying the Symposium, which will have been installed in the Dana Gallery. Exhibition curated by Karen Guancione.The day will begin with a demonstration of Gocco printing by Lois Morrison.

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