“Okay, so then why are we here?” Simon queried. “And why now?”

“To keep it from sinking, of course!” Jamal declared, “The Titanic will sail from Southampton in 1912. So….”

“So we need to tell them to build it better than they did,” Cooper cut in. “A thicker hull. Taller bulkheads. Stronger materials.”

“Seems like that model shipbuilding you and Jamal have been busy with has paid off, Coop,” Mr. C voiced. “And unless I miss my guess, it’s inspired you to read up on the topic!”

“Hey, look at that,” Maya said. She was pointing to a garbage can that stood close by. Near the top, just slightly hanging over the edge, was a newspaper.

Gabby trotted over and grabbed it. Perusing the front page, a smile came upon her face, her eye twinkling. “Check this out!” she beamed, and started reading—

Press Conference and Community Presentation to Be Held Dockside Today at Master Ship Builders

“Sure,” Jamal mused, “That makes sense. All the important people connected to the Titanic will be there—the designer, the engineers, the shipyard owner…probably even the banker!”

“The banker, eh?” Mr. C coaxed, “Does anyone know who the person paying for this ship might have been? Remember where and when we are….”

“Wasn’t it J.P. Morgan?” asked Chelsea in a tone that suggested she was certain. “One of the richest people in the world at the time?”

“It sure was,” exclaimed Cooper, “and guess what? There’s a crowd assembling just over yonder by the dock in front of the boat!”

“Did you really just say ‘Yonder by the dock, Coop?” Maya asked, marveling with delight.

“Shucks, I reckon I did!” he playfully replied. “Let’s go check it out so we can tell what we know!”

And with that they moved down to the crowd. As they approached they could see balloons and streamers, and a small band of musicians playing a hurdy-gurdy song in anticipation of the presentation. Then a rather large and foreboding man stepped up to the podium and, in his most booming voice, began talking almost like a carnival barker—

“My friends, we gather at this spot to announce a most stupendous feat! Having been some days in preparation, and no doubt with a good many in front of us, I should like to present to you, and to the world at large, a new and previously undiscovered force of nature. Until now, we have known of both the Immovable Object and the Unstoppable Force. Today, we proudly announce the construction of the man-made final third of this wondrous trio, the Unsinkable Ship!”

“Oh wow, that’s J.P. Morgan himself!” Simon exclaimed.

“I have been in discussions for months now,” Morgan blustered on, “with some like-minded fellows—genuine captains of industry mind you—and have recently commissioned the building of the greatest moving marvel ever assembled by man—the RMS Titanic, which I also call The Unsinkable Ship!”

A collective gasp rippled across the crowd.