“When are we this time?” Jamal sighed in a tone both excited and bewildered.

“Great question, Jamal,” Mr. C offered encouragingly. “What do we know so far, gang?”

“Well, It’s cold,” Maya grinned, breathing into her hands as she held them up to her face.

“It’s true,” Chelsea confirmed. “But at least our dresses are longer than the ones the boys are wearing. They only have skirts!” She pointed at Cooper with a smile which suggested he should be embarrassed. “At least they’re wool, though….”

“Waitaminnit!” Cooper cackled, “Wool skirts?! They’re not wool skirts! They’re kilts! I think we’re in old Ireland! In the town of Belfast, to be exact!”

“Well done, Coop!” Mr. C nodded approvingly, “But Jamal asked when we are. Any thoughts?”

Cooper looked at the huge dock in front of him. There was also a foreboding grey sky with looming clouds. There were sea gulls foraging, men working on and around boats, and a building with a logo that seemed to stick out somewhere in his mind.

“That symbol,” Cooper proclaimed as he pointed at the building, “The one with the ‘H’ and ‘W’ on it—I’ve seen it before….”

Jamal piped up, suddenly more excited now than bewildered “I know! It’s on a model ship we built! It stands for Harland and Wolff! They’ve been building ships for over a hundred and fifty years!”

“Oh wow,” a stunned Gabby began with an audible whisper which turned into a loud gush, “And look what they’re building right now. It’s the…the Titanic! And it’s HUGE! Just look at it!”

“Yeah, that’s right!,” Cooper confirmed, “they’re in mid-construction! We’re back around 1909!” he said proudly. “That’s when they started building it” Then he gave out a sharp cackle.

“What’s so funny, Coop?” inquired Chelsea.

“I was just thinking,” he replied, “This ship’s maiden voyage isn’t for another three years. My mom would be so proud. I’m never early for anything!”