They had barely approached the Werblin Recreation Center when Simon offered excitedly, “Hey, I see some purple writing on the back of the building!”

“There’s also something on the side of the building, too!” countered Jamal.

They pulled the bookmobile to a stop near the front.

Cooper bounded out and proclaimed, “Hey, there’s even more purple writing on the front!”

And with that, he ran toward the building, stopping for just a moment to note the words, numbers, and arrow, then kept going around to the other side of the structure.

He was back in under a minute, having barely broken a sweat, when Gabby asserted, “Pretty quick, Coop…but what was that about?”

By now, everyone had noticed the front of the building had an encircled ‘1’ with ‘360º’ beneath it and an arrow pointing to the right.

Cooper told her, “I figured there was probably writing on that other wall as well, so I ran around the building to check, and I was right!”

The questions from the others flew fast and furious—

“What did it say?”

“Anything useful?”

“Did you learn anything?”

“Come on, Coop, tell us!”

“Well,” Cooper continued, “the north side had ‘24/12’. On the back it said ‘365’. And on the south side was ‘36/3’.

Simon, head cocked to one side and resting his thumb and forefinger against his chin, repeated all four of the clues, “360º…24/12…365…36/3….”

“Each one means something,” Chelsea commented. “They have to.”

“They’re all connected somehow,” Jamal added, “I just know they are.”

“It’s like the answer is right there,” Simon said. “But just out of reach.”

Mr. C encouraged them, “You’re definitely on to something, gang. I can feel it, too. Gabby, any ideas?”