The rest of the trackers stood in front of the Marvin Apartments, while Gabby ran up the steps two at a time and tugged on the front door. When the door would not budge, she switched to knocking on the glass. Finally, she cupped her hands around her eyes, leaned forward, and peered into the building. “We can’t get in!” she shouted. “And I don’t see anyone in there who can help us.”

Gabby hurried back to the group. “What now?” Simon asked.

The Trackers each scanned a different direction. “Sure is quiet here for student housing,” Maya said.

“Yes,” agreed Gabby. “Well, except for the constant tapping of Jamal’s sneaker against the pavement. Jamal, I’m afraid your tapping is erasing part of Dr. Newton’s message.”

“Gee, sorry Gabby,” apologized Jamal as he quickly jumped onto the grass.

The Trackers all turned to look at the purple chalk on the sidewalk square near Jamal’s sneakers. Chelsea squatted down to get a closer look. “A few of the numbers are faded, but I can still read them,” she said.

“Read them aloud from the top down,” Mr. C said.

Chelsea nodded. “8, 1, 16, 2, 1, 32, 1, 2, 128, 1, 4.”

When Chelsea finished, Maya said, “I wonder what Dr. Newton is trying to tell us.” She walked slowly around the cement square looking at the purple message from every direction.

Cooper jumped up and down. “I know where he wants us to go next! He wrote the numbers in one corner of a giant plus sign. Eight ounces add up to one cup. Sixteen ounces add up to two cups and two cups add up to 1 pint. There are thirty-two ounces in one quart or 2 pints. There are 128 ounces in one gallon or 4 quarts. Those are all liquid measurements written in his purple chalk. Dr. Newton must be at the Purple Cow! It is the new milkshake shack in the Student Center. Let us go!”