“I know college classes are supposed to be hard, but here’s a class that looks like fun!” exclaimed Cooper. He had stopped walking so quickly that Mr. C almost ran into him. The Trackers had been roaming the hallways of the Biomedical Engineering Building, searching for another one of Dr. Newton’s clues.

Cooper pressed his nose against the large window of the classroom door. “Seriously guys, this is neat! It looks like some sort of lab, and they’re building some cool stuff in there!” He waved his hands, motioning the Trackers to come and check it out.

Jamal peered through the window, too.

“This is awesome!” he agreed. Jamal loved building things.

The other Trackers jostled for position, trying to see for themselves. It didn’t take long for the professor inside to notice them. He opened the door and welcomed them with a friendly smile.

“Hello! I’m Dr. G. You seem to be quite a curious bunch!”

“We certainly are!” said Gabby.

“Well, you’ve come by at just the right time. My students and I were just saying that we could use some judges!”

“For what?” asked Simon.

“I’ll show you—come on in!”

Mr. C and Pascal followed the Trackers into the lab.